Thursday, May 24, 2007

So Metropolitan

Today was a beautiful day here in Beantown. The sun was shining , the birds were singing, the grass was growing and blooming and the pollen is flying. For lunch today, I went down and sat on a park bench by the Frog Pond. The "pond" is filled and it was almost like actually picnicing by a real pond . I ate my usual lunch -yogurt, peanut butter on pita and a mozarella stick in the shade of a tree. It was quiet , in a city park on a spring day kind of way. I felt very urbane and sophisticated. It was only an hour lunch , so that didn't last very long . . ..
The mens room toilet got backed up again and some guy from the city came and snaked it after 4 PM ! They usually stop "work" at 3. So, it was really nice that they guy came and fixed it. Honestly, he was in and out , got it done and was very professional about it. Shortly before we closed, a homeless guy ran in requesting a ranger because someone had fallen and hit his head and was bleeding and unconscious. This was happening by the fountain. All I could think of was "Was he having sex when it happened ? " Boston EMS came and dealt with it.
I closed tonight because the manager had to leave early for an appointment. At 2 minutes to 5, I was waiting on a customer and neither of my remaining co-workers made a grab for the keys to lock the door. They both looked at me like I was the only person who had the capacity to lock up . I'm pretty sure we have keys in the box. I wouldn't mind if I was getting paid more than either of them , but I'm not. So, I had to dump my customer and go lock up . When I came back in through the back, neither of them had turned off the computer or put the register contents in the safe. It's not rocket science and , again, we're all getting paid the same amount . Every second they have to wait for me to complete these tasks, is longer time we have to spend there !
I was pretty tired all day . I went down to Rhode Island for a comedy competition with my friend Mike last night and I didn't get home until a little after 12. He didn't win , but I think he should have. I had to get up early today and combined with the crap in the air and I'm ready for naptime pretty much all day long. I was cranky. Except for the luncheon respite, I was grumpy all day long.


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