Saturday, May 19, 2007

Taking Stage-Part Two

So, tonight was my second night in a row at the Studio. I was working on "Taking Stage" - a term that means I command that little piece of real estate when I am holding the microphone. Though I know how to do this in other performance situations-theater, childrens shows, award ceremonies. I have been unable to completely incorporate this skill consistantly in my stand-up. I am still working on it. It was consistant last night and tonight.
I opened with the same joke I opened with last night. I didn't do the new idea I did last night because, simply put , it's not ready yet. Good concept-homeless people trying to pass themselves off as tourists but I don't have the joke in there yet. I listened to a couple of previous sets on my little recording device and retrieved a couple of things that I had only done the one time and they were pretty funny then and they worked tonight. Just little throw away lines, but it added to the whole picture. Again, I felt very good about what I did tonight. There was really nobody to talk about my set with . SO. . . .I come home and blog it. Thank you for your input.
So, it was a pretty big audience . A bunch of John Lincoln's friends came and they were a really good audience. Lincoln did a great job. He did a great job last night , too. Maggie MacDonald was on , she's always good . She even did a new bit , on a Saturday night ! How brave ! Brave and it worked well. Tony Moschetto is the Comic in Residence this month and he's always good. He , also, incoporporated the new stuff with tried and true. Again, it's pretty risky because he's in the bullet position but he's such a pro he totally pulled it off. Erin Judge had a new bit I hadn't heard before, it was great . Jesse Gersten was there he also had new material. Viscious , hilarious , sacriligeous new stuff. Joe Wong was there , he just had a new baby , so he was guilty being out of the house, but a new baby means new material. I 'm so amazed that he can write jokes in a language that is not his native tongue and how he can be so funny. He knows where the punchline is ! Very impressive.
The "headliner" was Pat O'Shea. He did all new material different from when I saw him last year. He used to live here but now he lives in New York and he always has a big crowd that comes out to support him. Including a guy I used to date. Last year, I looked right at the guy and he looked at me and I thought "wow , that guy looks like Rockin Bob" and it was . He didn't say hi. I didn't think it was him , so I didn't say anything and I was upset about it, because Pat said that Bob was there that night. This time, I didn't see him until the end of the night . I guess he had been there the whole time. It just didn't matter. It's so weird, because I'm pretty sure I would recognize everybody else I ever dated, just not him. He doesn't seem to give a shit either. I guess I was a little more traumatized by the dumping all those years ago than I had previously thought. That kind of selective memory . I have "disappeared" him from my mind, like he never existed. Kind of like Matt Damon in "the Bourne Identity". Only I don't have a lot of cash stashed away in a safety deposit box or the ability to handle weapons. Unless my car could be considered a weapon.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Call me any time to talk about a set.

More importantly, I'm glad you're trying to command a space that you should be able to own. But, it's hard and daunting, I know. But, take it like you would everything else.

Pretty sure I know who Rocker Bob is. Fuck everyone from that town, including me.

Sunday, May 20, 2007 3:58:00 AM  

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