Saturday, September 09, 2006

Watching For Me

Mona Lisa Smile was on basic cable tonight. I kept flipping between PBS and this movie watching for the scene I'm in. That's how small the scene is. It was a much longer scene that we filmed. I had a bunch of lines with Julia Roberts. It was Improvisation. Maybe not the most funny of my life, but it was with Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts-Oscar winner. Yeah. .. I've worked with yet another Oscar winner. It's me . They become better actors working with me. Uh. . .she won for Erin Brocovich, it was a couple years before we shot Mona Lisa. . . my point is. .. my scene was so insignificant, even I couldn't find it in the movie. I could identify myself in the background in a couple of scenes. Don't blink , or you'll miss me ! I did . ..
I know it's there because I received another check last week.
That's kind of pathetic, watching for myself, on a Saturday night, still in my work clothes waiting to see myself on tv. Honestly, I didn't stay home specifically for that. However, since it was on, eh . . .why not ?


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