Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Art of Nothing

Ahhhhhh. .. my first whole day off since April. I didn't have to drive anywhere or be anywhere or have to talk with anybody. I did get a call from a friend inviting to pick me up and bring me to Kellys. .. even that would have required too much effort. Or, more importantly, required me to shower and change out of my sweatpants. I did do some laundry, cleaned the bathroom , swept the stairs, changed my my bed. I watched about 6 hours of "The Closer" marathon and cried through "Meet Joe Black". When I cry at a movie like "Meet Joe Black" I can 't always tell if I'm crying over the emotion of the scenes or the improbability that two people as beautiful as Claire Forlani and Brad Pitt would have trouble finding someone to love. (See my review of that Keanu Reeves -Sandra Bullock film that came out earlier this year).
Though I could see from my window that it turned out to be a beautiful day, I had no interest in things outdoors. I should have taken a walk. I should have invited myself to someone's cookout. Again, I say "Too much effort".
I had hoped that I would bring order out of the chaos of clutter that I have arranged about my life. I'm pretty sure nothing in the piles are essential, mostly just magazines and junk mail I want to go through. Apparently, I didn't want to go through it enough. The irony of a day off is that the next day I am rested and able to focus to get stuff done. . . but I'll be at a job and far form my clutter.
In conclusion, I had the day off. I accomplished little of consequence. Tomorrow, I will bounce out of bed and probably not get another day off until Thanksgiving. That's just what I've got to do.


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