Friday, September 08, 2006

Out ! Get Out !

Oh dear God in Heaven !, I'm sitting here in my bathrobe. I don't know what to wear to work and I'd rather blog than face the awfulness of that decision. (Oh yeah, if that's the toughest thing I experience today, I should consider myself lucky !) My big accomplishment of the day , so far, is I was able to get onto my website and update my schedule. A task that I have been unsuccessful at for the last 3 days ! I want to eat breakfast. . .but what to eat ? If I get to work on time, one of my co-workers offered to buy me pizza today because it's Friday ! It's good pizza. It's from Sal's in North Andover.
On another note. . .
I can't believe how many people are surprised at the death of the Crocodile Hunter. He lived a dangerous life. He took risks that most of us could only conceive of in nightmares. How could anybody be surprised that he died tragically ? I'm not glad about his untimely death. I liked the guy. I think I will miss him in the world. But everyone is acting like the crocodiles put out a mafia style hit on him. Like there is a sting ray syndicate . My friend Kiki , who is a registered Master Diver, explained to me the difficulty of the sting ray actually hitting the right spot on his body to induce death. The odds were really great. She had once been hit by a stingray , but on another part of her body.
Again , I say, no surprise. You live by the sword (alligator, crack pipe) you're going to die by the sword. Which is why I am worried that I will die of old age in the same bed I've had since I was a little girl .. probably eating the twisty style Cheetoes wishing I had chocolate pudding. . . ..
Oh for God's Sake ! I need to go to work !!!!! AAaarrggghhhh!!!!!!!!


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