Saturday, September 02, 2006

V Pulse Laser Treatment

I see a dermatologist. I see the same dermatologist that I went to when I was in High School. I have rosacea which is essentially an adult version of the acne I had when I was a teenager. I also have broken capillaries. Until the last few years, there was nothing you could do about that except cover it with make-up. Then they invented something that will eliminate the broken capillaries, but it was too expensive for a poor little self-payer like myself. .. UNTIL NOW!
Before work today, I had it done.
There is an affordable treatment called V Pulse Laser Treatment. It takes about 5 minutes. It stings like a bitch right before it's finished and I felt like I had a really bad sunburn for a couple of hours afterward. They fire up this machine about the size of a refridgerator. I'm assuming that's all this machine does. It could possibly do other things -like repair leather shoes and make frapaccinos, but I really only noticed the cable attachment my Nurse was using on me. They made me wear metal goggles. The nurse zaps the capillaries individually. They describe the sensation as "like a rubber band snapping". I would agree, but who's ever had 60 rubber bands snapped all over their face ???? After the 3rd or 4rth one, it's going to get annoying and uncomfortable. I can expect redness and swelling for a couple of days. They told me to take Ibuprophin , before I go to bed. Right now, only my right cheek is red and puffy. I am not currently experiencing any discomfort.
I wish I could explain the technology of this thing. It emits a beam of both intense heat and an immediate jolt of cold. It cuts off the blood supply to the vein and then it gets absorbed into the body. I know it's really too soon to , but I swear it looks better already . Probably only something I would notice about myself. They took a "Before" photo before I had the treatment done and then I go back in another month to have them check on the results.
That was pretty much the highlight of my day.