Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh Boy ! Free Cake!

Those of you who have known me for a few years may have noticed that I have put on a few pounds since my return from Scotland. I have packed on a little under 15 pounds. As my Mother likes to point out, in a loud voice, preferably in public "Oh no Dottie! You've put on A LOT of WEIGHT!". I returned to Weight Watchers at the beginning of April , even though I have been going up and down, it's been heading in a consistent downward direction the last couple of weeks. Yeah-yeah, I know "boring"-get to the free cake. . .I'm getting there !
Those of you who know me intimately, people that I can speak openly and honestly with about television shows and the value of soulless mall films, have also had a conversation with me about supermarkets. The pros and cons of one over the other-whether accessible parking is really worth the inflated prices they have to pay for the parking lot. Bottom line, I'm a DeMoulas shopper. Because they are local, they are Greek (I'm not Greek, but I wish I could claim it on my family line) and because I feel that they are less expensive than the soulless corporate Giants that blot the countryside. I did my own test and found they were consistently 30 % less on the name brand necessaries I prefer. Consistently. Thus, that is where I spend my hard earned money on a weekly basis.
Tonight, on the way home from work, because it IS on the way home, I did my weekly marketing at the Market Basket. I spent a little more than usual tonight, in case I get motivated to leave the house for the Fourth of July, I want to be prepared to bring something . After the cashier had finished ringing and bagging my groceries and I was wheeling away from the register, a manager came over to my carriage and placed a chocolate cake on top of all my stuff. He said "Happy 4rth of July!" and walked away. I yelled after him " What am I going to do with this ?" He yelled over his shoulder "Eat it". ... .I yelled back "Thank You". I didn't want to seem ungrateful. It did look delicious. Slighlty banged up -hence the gift. Delicious nonetheless. I should also point out that I live with my diabetitic Mother. Neither of us needs a heaping helping plate of chocolate cake. But . . . . that's what we got. Thank you Jesus !
I have had a slice. It is delicious and it tastes even better because it was free. And, if for some reason, you all find my mothers and my bloated bodies half eaten by our beloved cat sometime in the very near future. Know that we both died happy because of free chocolate cake.


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