Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My "Day Off"

I didn't tell anyone I was taking the day off. Actually, I told one guy , he knows, he won't tell or I'll steal his Cheez-Its and blame it on the boy .. .. I took the day off because I reckoned that's how long it would take me to get my computer stuff reconciled. I was about right . It took about 6 hours, all told. I spoke with two different lovely ladies in El Salvador. A little interesting. Are the Indians outsourcing the tech support or are the South Americans undercutting the Indians ?It seems to be running quicker.
My day centered around getting this major task done. I did 2 loads of laundry and got through 6 episodes of the first season of Six Feet Under. I watched the season finale of House. I caught up on the ironing. All little tasks that make me feel like I 've got my shit together. I accomplished half of what was on my list. It took me a week of not going out after work to get anything done on my day off. I'm still in my pajamas from last night. I feel pretty good. I'll be ready to take on the day at work tomorrow. Bring it on . . . . .


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