Thursday, June 29, 2006

Boston-It's for Lovers

What is going on in the world ? Tonight, upon leaving work, I saw two couples making out on the Boston Common on the way to the train station. The second couple, I could only see the girl, from the back, she looked like she had a strippers body. She was wearing gouchos, flipflops and a black halter top. Him-I'm pretty sure he was wearing pants. A passionate, competitive tonsel-hockey kiss. Both my co-worker and I yelled out "Get a room !". Then when we got downstairs and were coming around a wall , there was yet another couple making out. Less physically fit than the last couple, but no less ardoured ( I don't know if that's actually a word). I said to my co-worker "What the F*ck ?" To which he replied " Ah, there must be something in the water."
When did I get to be such an old lady ? Why should I care ? Let them enjoy their fleeting romance. It'll all come apart , eventually. Hopefully, no new children will be involved.
Oh dear lord, I just don't care anymore. . . . .


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