Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slug Race

I think that is an oxymoron. A slug doesn't race. The slug would "win" by still being in the same place after it's opponent is gone. I am the winning slug.
I have no energy. I should have gone out to do stand-up and I couldn't get it together. I've been invited to 4 parties in the last month and I couldn't get myself to any of them. I'm getting to the jobs , but that's about it. I need to act on a couple of goals. Or, I need to be more willing to do something about the goals I think I have set my sights on.
Oh dear Gawd, it's like being 13 again only this time I don't really care what the cool kids think about me. Those "cool" kids are fat and balding and didn't throw a reunion last year. Fuckers.
I think I need dexedrine. Maybe Trim Spa. I'll settle for fried clams.


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