Monday, May 29, 2006

Boring Details

What follows are boring details. I have been working and then just coming home and collapsing into bed. I have been staying in every night.The effort required to watch a dvd is almost too much of a time investment. Forethwith: I was supposed to go do stand-up at a little bar in Allston, last night. Though we didn't firm it up , the original e-mail would have been enough to entitle me to get on stage. I came home from a slamming day at work and laid down for a nap and didn't wake up until the show would have been half way completed. I am going to need to apologize to the host . I am hoping my absence wasn't all that prominent. That is uncharecteristic for me. This fatigue also feels a-typical. Perhaps I am wrong.
Yesterday, I was feeling like we might possibly have a slow day. How wrong I was. We were busy from the git-go. All of us thought we had been there for a couple of hours when we had only been open for 45 minutes ! My primary problems were in the visage of Asian Tourists. I don't know if they were Korean, Japanese or Chinese, but man! they sought me out and wore me down. They all have fine English, but they are so inquisitive ! Answering the questions is exasperating. The highlight of the day was when my friend Rick and his Sister came in for a brief visit.
Someone had left the air conditioning on, the night before, so it was nice and cool. Of course, it was too cool for the female co-workers and we were nice and toasty in no time. There was a back up in the mens room and males were traipsing their wet shoes through the lobby. I don't know where the poop smell was coming from , but it was really noticeable near the computer. (No, I don't think it was the computer !). Also, one of the stalls in the Ladies Room was broken , so , there were frequent backed up lines into the ladies room. Our cleaning lady had her hands full yesterday. We had a full compelment of Rangers in and out of the center yesterday. There were two mounted rangers in the park.
More boring details- I have started using a tooth whitening system. Just the Target store brand. I felt like I was getting a little dumpy. It's annoying to see your reflection in a store window and thinkng "Who's that lumpy broad standing next to me ? " and then realizing it's me. My hair has been curly fabulous lately, but the body is not pleasing my mind. I have increased the water and vegetable intake. It's difficult to fit it all in. Left to my own devices, I'd eat fried clams for breakfast every day and Cheetoes would count as 2 of the major food groups. Of course I'd be dead from colon cancer in no time. That wouldn't bother me , except that that diet would leave me an ugly corpse. I want to at least make the effort just to prove to myself that I can do what is necessary to make myself feel better.
Though getting into my jammies early every night allows me to awake refreshed in the morning for a full day of work, I am resenting the lack of excitement. When I am obsessing about tooth whitening strips , it's time to reconsider the direction my life is headed .
How's that for boring ?


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