Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Lake House

I saw "The Lake House" on Tuesday. Brief synopsis-A beautiful Doctor and a handsom brilliant architect don't meet and fall in love. I really like both actors and it had me crying a bit. However, there were some real groaner scenes. At one point Sandra Bullock's character is having a heartfelt moment with her mother and utters the line "I just want to give my whole heart to someone" which, thankfully, elicited loud groans and moans from my fellow movie goers in the theater. I can't believe some guys actually sat through this with their girl friends. I can only hope someone is getting laid because of this movie.
The premis relies on the audience accepting that some shift has happened in the time-space continuum. They communicate through a somewhat magical mailbox ,where they leave their letters, and they can affect the outcome of certain events. Time travelling pen pals. The Jane Austen novel "Persuasion" is referenced a couple of times.
I can't believe Keanu Reeves character waits for her and she's kind of difficult. That would never happen to me. I put too much salt on my steak tips and the guy dumps me. I am bitter and I'll be glad when all this crap is over. And by "crap" I mean a belief in romantical notions . Game over . Fortunately, Keanu and Sandra will always have the Lake house . ...


Blogger Kris Earle said...

Hi Dot - I saw the trailer for this and decided that I'd rather eat a box of shit than see "The Lake House." If I wrote it Keanu Reeves would've stuck his dick in the magical box and it would have popped up for Sandra to suck it.

Love ya,


Sunday, June 25, 2006 3:39:00 PM  

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