Thursday, April 20, 2006

Show Cancelled

Be careful what you wish for . .. you just might get it.
I was so tired , after working today and then coming home and turn around to go back out again. It was nice to hang out last night, but I was toast for most of the day. My boss wouldn't let me ring certain sales up because she thought I didn't have the concentration (we were .04 short when she balanced the register. "unfocused" MY ASS!!!!).
I was running a little late tonight because I had to get gas and I couldn't find parking. .. and I had to go to the bathroom-urgently, immediately, inevitably. Pee-pee, right now !I was begging the universe to let me have a close parking space and could I please not wet my pants before I get to the toilet ???? While I was whimpering and cursing in search of a space, I was thinking I should leave the show as soon as I could. No hanging tonight. I was so brittle today, an elastic that has been elasticized one time too many. I could snap-either temper wise or weeping. Both viable options. "How could I make myself go home as soon as socially possible?" -I asked the universe.
When I got up the stairs, I was greated by the talented little Renata Tutko and Dan Sally. Maggie McDonald was there. SO was Shane Mausse ( who I kept calling "Sean" because I'm senile). Tom Dustin and Tom Lisanki showed up later. Phillipa, the waitress was there and Steve, the bartender. There was another kid there, "TJ" ? I think that's almost everybody. Ricky was there, of course. And . .. uh . .. . let's see. . .no. . .nope. . .un-uh. .. that's mostly it . . no audience. We waited until 8:15. No, still no audience. 2 kids showed up with one of the younger comics. They didn't count as "Audience". We cancelled the show.( And when I say "we" , I mean Rick.)
I was equally relieved and pissed off. Relieved , because I could go home early and relax. Since I've been getting home so late, it takes me a long time to unwind and I 'm not getting a full night's sleep. Pissed, because that's one less show I get to do. Maybe it's for the best because I was so tired and I wouldn't have the concentration to try new stuff. The extra rest should contribute to a better performance tomorrow.
I arrived home with great hopes of laundry and removing clutter. An evening of the Thursday night line up . Good basic cable and all that that can entail. However, it was all repeats. I had seen it all. Yet, I was helpless to put the channel changer down. Pausing just long enough to eat the last piece of birthday cake. I ended up mesmerized but a "Cat Fancy" show on PBS.
I got what I wished for, I just wish I could talk the Universe into giving me the winning MegaMillions numbers. . . . .


Blogger J.J. LESLIE said...

Ahhhh, week 3 tiredness. Get through this week and you'll be indestructable. It's like winning the lottery, only, not...

Friday, April 21, 2006 10:50:00 AM  

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