Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Blackout & A Movie

My friend Cathy and I went to see "Thank You for Smoking" tonight at the Kendall Square Theater. As we were driving down Broadway, we could see pitch darkness up ahead. From Prospect Street to Portland Street, all the lights were out. The only illumination came from the Police cars and NStar trucks. Pitch Black. We were concerned that the Kendall would be blacked out as well, but it wasn't. We had already missed the 9:05 in Lexington. It was the kind of black out I used to experience a lot when I was living in Somerville. For no reason, 3 bocks would be out and then there would be lights for a few blocks, then darkness again. This happened intermittantly the whole time I lived in Somerville. It didn't matter what the weather was like, the lights would just go out.
But I digress. .. I enjoyed the movie. I especially enjoy looking at Aaron Eckert. Yumm-me ! The movie is about a tobacco lobbyist. It's a satirical view of lobbyists in general , and smoking in particular. It was a nice little movie. It also starred Robert Duval, Maria Bello, William H. Macy, Sam Waters and Katie Holmes. Good cast . Good script. I am forgetting some of the lines, but it was funny. Not Dumb & Dumber funny or There's Something About Mary funny. Definitely not Gallagher funny. Adult -who- reads- newspapers- and- used -to -smoke
kind of funny.


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