Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All Asia-TOOO-NITE !!!!

Oh yeah , Baby ! I can't get enough ! Gimme stage time Mister! Hey Lady?? Can I get a set tonight ? My friend Janet hosts an open mike at the All Asia the first Tuesday of each month. She invited me to do her show. She also invited me to do the door. We made $30.00. Oh Yeah . ... . that's how Meryl Streep started out !
There was a musician from Kansas named Jason Fickel. He was really good . And he had some kickin yard sale spectator shoes. Trained by an an olds blues musician in Tennesse who was trained by Robert Johnson . . . that kind of stylin' lineage. The Glow performed, I really like that kid. Heather Campbell was there and did some new stuff and Emily Singer, also sporting new material. And me . .. . .
I opened with the usual All Asia show opening. Commented on my outfit- a combination of dyke formal and a bass player. I'm not gay, buy the outfit sure was. Tried some material I found in my notebook, it worked better than I remember it from the last time I did it, which is why I only did it the one time. Then finished up with the stuff that I know works. I didn't forget anything I set out to do. I thought I looked good and sounded good. They were laughing. I haven't listened to the tape. It was not much of a challenge , essentially there were 6 paying customers, the comics in the show and the musicians who arrived early for their gig. Not a tough crowd.
I'm glad I went out tonight and did the show. I'm really tired now, but at least I tried something.


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