Sunday, April 16, 2006

Show # 12

Tonight was the after show Anniversary party. Heather Campbell , Arielle Goldman, "The Great"Andrea Henry, Thom Brown and Lynn, Brian Longwell, Winston Kidd, Josh Gondelman, Doug Chagnon ,Matt Winniger and I . Ken Reid were in the audience. The place was fairly well packed and they were a good audience.
I thought my set went well tonight. There were a couple of good laughers up front and they really encouraged me. I also found a new ending to the part I refer to as "Suicide Buffet". I wasn't trying to be funny, but I was with this audience. Actually, I AM usually trying to be funny , onstage , when I am practicing stand-up comedy. I don't spend my social life desperately trying to be funny . That is tedious and exausting. However, the whole point of doing stand-up comedy is to make an audience laugh and that has been my deliberate goal. The throw away line came out of me and I think it is going to stay. I was pleased with the outift I was wearing , casual but it still looked like I took the time to get dressed -which in fact I had. I left the stage on a laugh and I did my time.
Rick hosted the show. Usually , Erin Judge hosts the Sunday night show. I thought she looked particularly cute this evening. Tommy Morello had a good set. So did Rich Gustus and Elisha Jaffe-he 's got some network interest . . . Way to go ! DJ Hazard did his usual great work and then Rick told the Vermont story afterward. I don't know how many times I 've heard that story, I still love hearing it. Eugene Mirman did another great set, almost completely different from the last two sets I had seen him do this week. Though I did recognize a bit from seeing him in Edinburg. How does he do that? How does he come up with that material? Is it all new or am I just seeing him do stuff he's done a million times for the first time and he just makes it look new , today? Robby Roadsteamer closed the show . Or should I say "wrecked" the show. Poor Nick. ..
At the end of the show, Rick brought Thom Brown up to the stage and thanked him for being there , at the beginning , all those years ago. Thom thanked his wife Lynn-she used to help set up the tables and did the door back in the day. Then DJ came up on stage and presented Rick with a crystal clock engraved with the Comedy studio logo and 10 year anniversary from all the comics.
Everyone went downstairs to the second floor for a buffet. I ended up leaving before the food arrived . I became very tired after the show and just wanted to go home. I finished about 3/4 of my taxes today and will complete the rest tomorrow. It was a very good show and looked to be a fun night. I regret I couldn't stay for "The Hang". Best Wishes to the Walsh Brothers for their trip to LA.
I am very tired now. I would like to go to sleep.


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