Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lucky Number 13

So, tonight was my 13th show. My friends Cathy, Dawn, Dawn's friend, Lynn and Marie came out to support me. Also, it was the Emerson Comedy Stand-up class. Oh, and, CBS The Morning show was there to tape a couple of Emerson kids. CBS-Network-National morning show. ... on the TV. So, really . . no pressure.
I had planned on doing some new stuff, but Rick needed all of us to stay to our time. I was going to stay to my time, dad gum it !!!! I did the new stuff, it got a good enough response to warrant another attempt at it. My friend who inspired the "Suicide Buffet" piece was there. I was concerned she might be insulted, it's not mean and she inspired it. She was fine with it. It went well. I did 5:50... it helped that I kept to my time. The room was really overlit for the camera crew. I love being in a room with mama-jamma camera equipment, but I got a little thrown by the bright lights.
Amanda Beals stopped by and she graciously covered the door for me while I was on stage. I got off stage and then went to the desk. I wish I had know that there would be a camera crew there, I would have worn the jacket instead of the sweater. I am saving the jacket for tomorrow night. It feels good and it looks presentable. I was able to hear the Emerson comics , but it was so crowded, I couldn't see the stage or the monitors from where I was sitting. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I saw it standing room only on a Wed. night. Dan Sally did a great set as well. I have great hopes for him.
Then we ushered the kids out and we folded up the chairs and put 'em against the walls. Max Goldberg helped with the task. I had a chance to speak with Mike Bent about comedy things and sketches and stuff like that there. Then I hung out with Rick downstairs after the show and talked about comedy things -theories and history. Brian Gordon and his girlfriend stopped by. It was nice to see them. I am glad I was able to hang out , but I am going to be dead meat at work tomorrow. My eyeballs are already squeaky. . . . .
What a freakin' month to be Comic in Residence ! I can't believe the coverage that has been happening. I couldn't possible contrive , in my wildest dreams, being in the room for any of these things. Unbelieveable.. . . . . .


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