Monday, April 10, 2006

What I'm Doing

I've been writing this blog trying to share my experiences. Mostly for myself. Being the Comic in Residence was a commitment I was excited to make and I have been well rewarded for that promise thus far . . . . and I'm not even half way through ! I have been blogging part of the thoughts I have about performing. Yesterday, I was really questioning my purpose and then I had a great set and all was right with the world !
I believe we all have stuff that we think about . I was thinking that I hate figuring things out. I don't like losing the instruction booklet on an appliance. I don't like figuring out if a guy likes me or , conversely, is about to dump me or has been banging my soon to be ex-friend. I have been trying to figure out how to be "Comic in Residence". I think we should get a booklet the week before we are to begin about setting goals and coordinating outfits. There should be information on the appropriate time to hang out and when to depart. Meal plans to maximize energy and endurance. Perhaps a coloring book and a section of mad-libs to loosen writers block. Maybe a video presention starring "Ajax Nerd" on comic etiquette.
But . . life ain't like that. None of us get an instruction booklet (Except for those of you Christians out there who can decipher the Bible). We can swallow the party line and hope for the best. Marry and propagate. Or we can keep hacking at the underbrush and cut a trail up the mountain. You have to go up the mountain, that's where the comedy club is. .. ..


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