Friday, April 14, 2006

Show # 9

I had a difficult time finding a parking space. I have been trying to show up at 7:30. It gives me some time to "feel" the room (I don't actually "feel" the room, I just like being there early to think). I arrived at 7:45. I did end up getting a great parking space, I just wished it had appeared earlier.
There seemed to be a lot of talent in the room.Ordinarily, Dan Sally hosts the Thursday night show, but Rick did it tonight. Renata Tutko, I. Ken Reid, Greg Thibedeau, Erik Chung, Daniella Capolino, Liz Simons, the Walsh Brothers, EJ Murphy. .. those were just the people hanging around to see the show.Brian Gordon, Amanda Beals, Greg Rodriguez, JJ Leslie ( last months Comic in Residence)Were in the line-up .As was the great Dan Sally. Then Tim McIntire did a set and Tony V closed the show ! Maybe I'm not seeing very clearly , but these have been some really great shows. I'm really glad I'm in the room to see them. Jimmy Tingle swung by at the end of the show.
The audience was a decent size but they were a little stiff. They weren't really giving it up easily. I hadn't organized my thoughts as well as I should have. I tried one new concept, still, I hadn't actually writen a joke for it. Good premise. . needs work. Because I was trying new stuff out and didn't stick to a specific order, I think I was soft on the set-ups and the jokes withered a bit.It just reinforces my belief that I need to organize my self better and spend some quiet time with my premises. See if I can tickle the little syllables into a giggle. Something I can write home about.I am feeling more confident in my stage presence. .. I need to respect the jokes. I prefer to have the jokes. It being comedy and all.
Tonight's benefit was that I was more comfortable in my skin on stage. The slightly negative thing about my set is that I feel I could have done better. I didn't squander my stage time. I just would have preferred to be more thoughtful about what I was doing.


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