Friday, April 21, 2006

Show # 15

SO, tonight was a Friday night show . Only about 6 people came looking for the Walshes. . they aren't here. . they're in LA. Jim Murphy got drafted to do the door. Myq Kaplan, EJ Murphy, Greg Thibideau, Taylor Connoly, Sandy Asai,Mark Basch and Tommy Morello were on the show. Tony Moschetto came by and did a killer set. In the Audience were Randy Winn , Maggie MacDonald , Kofe and Corey Manning.
The audience was reticent. My friends Marion and Paul came to he show tonight. They bravely sat up front. I promised them no one would pick on them, that was mostly true .
I thought my set went okay. They weren't what you would call "Laughers" at least not for me. I tried a couple of things , not really jokes yet, but I was out there trying. They weren't giving it up for me. . . Reminds me of my prom date !!! Zing! Bang! It was the kind of performance that prompted me to pause and reflect about wether or not I should be bothering people with my little "jokes" and "ideas". . .. I could better serve society as a bank teller or a dog walker. Even Greg offered to tell the joke I fucked up on during his set. However, things were going much better for him, so, there was no need to make the effort.
We folded up the chairs and put them away and then we adjourned to the second floor. I had a nice conversation with Mark and Sandy. The was a buffet there for some kind of a private party. I kept glancing over at the unattended chafing dishes , wondering if I could get away with copping a boneless spare rib. I don't need one, but it was there. . .. Too tacky. I left when they inevitably turned the music up a few hundred decibels. I find it hard to converse with people against that loud noise. It's exhausting. Then I went home and retrieved a message from a friend who did a HEll gig someplace else. Comparatively, my night went pretty well.


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