Monday, February 11, 2008

A Stick In The Eye

So, I had a meeting at my union headquarters tonight . There were a lot if working actors there, including the voice of Nova. You know, that show on PBS ? That deep set voice that narrates the episodes. . ." An then Noreiga surrendered under what could only be described as suprising conditions" . . .or . . ."Next week on Nova. . . " he's like the universal voice of authority. He was there, sitting across the table from me. Making suggestions and presenting really good opinions. I'm sitting across from him in my Anne Klein business suit , because I came from work , and my left eye starts bothering me. It feels like there's something under my eyelid. It 's sharp. It sorta feels like an eyelash has twisted itself under the lid while still in it's root. It's not the kind of thing that can be relieved by scratching it. I keep putting a finger to my lid , pressing it to the ball to see if it could straighten itself out. My eye starts leaking. Almost like I've got a runny eyeball instead of a runny nose. I am having trouble concentrating on the topic. It's like I've gotta kernel of popcorn rolling around under there. Like I have a little sliver of safety glass or road salt under there. I go to the ladies room and it's red and leaking. There is nothing on the surface. No eyelash, no shmutz, no eye gunk. It's just really red and streaming. I put some hot water in my hand and try to wash the eyelid. I get some relief, but I have no idea what's wrong with me. I head back into the meeting. The voice of Nova is a really nice guy but I just felt a little weird being there in the meeting with pink eye.
In hindsight, I think I may have been allergic to someone's perfume. The girl next to me smelled like a French perfume named Norell.It might have been Fracas, which is not a cheap perfume. My eye didn't bother me while I was on the train. It had to have been something in that room. What I can't figure out is why was it only in one eye and not the other ? Oh well . . .


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