Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 Tires

It snowed on Sunday. It wasn't a big accumulation , but it was a lot more than the tv guys said we were going to have. It was beautiful to look at in the Common. I wasn't worried about driving home in it. It was still snowing when I left work. By the time I got near my exit , I was following behind a sand truck. Not because I thought it offered protection from the ice but because the truck was going just fast enough to be in front of me but not slow enough for me to pass without missing my exit. Consequently, my little SAAB looked like it had been dunked in a salt cellar. I didn't realize how bad it looked until I got to work yesterday and one of the guys I work with wanted to know if I had been up north skiing or down the Cape where they got a foot of snow. No, I was just driving too closely behind a sanding truck.
So, my number one goal today was to take it to a car wash. Which I did . I don't think I was hooked into the conveyor belt correctly because when I got out of the car wash my left rear tire was flat . Dead flat. I don't think it was like that when I went in. It was undriveable. It was clean, but I couldn't drive it. Coincidentally, there is a garage a half a block away from said car wash.Oh, and surprise, they happened to have my correct tire size in stock. No, I couldn't use the spare because the spare is flat from the last time I got a flat tire. Actually, that tire was ripped from driving on it. They also noticed that one of the other tires was bald. I prefer my men bald, not the tires. So, I replaced that tire, too. $202.18 later, paid half n' half- atm and post dated check, my car was once again driveable. Clean and driveable. Fixed too late to get to the first job of the day .
It probably wasn't just the car wash, the tired needed replacing sooner rather than later, and I suppose I should be greatful that it happened near a garage and not on the highway . Or if I was going 65 miles an hour on the highway and it blew out . I'm trying to look on the bright side . .. . .


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