Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bad Door Girl !!!!

I have made a decision to try and help out at the Comedy Studio by doing the door. The primary qualifications are the ability to show up on time and to make change. I did the door last week, and I 've committed to do the door next Friday & Saturday night and I offered to do the door tonight. But I didn't get a confirmation ahead of time so, I called to check that I was indeed doing the door. Suffice it to say , I should have called earlier in the day. I was running a little late. I like to get there between 7:15 and 7:30. I got there around 7:35. There was line down the stairs. I had to claw my way up the stairs . People thought I was cutting for cutting's sake. We were sold out and it was Standing Room Only. I take my commitment seriously , I was so disappointed in myself that I wasn' there earlier.
It was a good show. Everybody brought something really great to the table. Of course, Tony Moschetto is always great . There is a new kid, Zack Sherman who does stuff I've never seen before. He was different the last time I saw him and he did all new material tonight. He does a lot of stuff with an old school boom box.Jessica Sutich, a young kid, I've seen her a couple of times now, always good. There was a kid, Meyer, he brought a lot of people. I couldn't hear a lot of his stuff because of where I was sitting , in the hall, but the audience laughed pretty heartily.Chris Coxen was doing a character. I couldn't hear a lot of his stuff, again the audience seemed to like it. Chris Oake closed the show. Every time I see him , I think he's doing all new material. I talk to him afterward and he tells me which ones were the new ones. That's quite a trick, to make familiar material sound like new. Shane Webb was in from New York. I had to do something during her set, so I didn't get to hear all of it. She has a loopy delivery and I like the way she delivers her jokes. . . or maybe they aren't jokes , that's just how she is ? I realize that for those of you who haven't seen these comics, this doesn't really describe why I think they are funny. But, I don't want to give any of their jokes or material away because I don't want any internet "lifters" stealing anybody's material because of me. I got principles, ya know ? Bottom line, it was a great show and it was a strong level , the whole way through. I was sorry I was late, but I was glad I was there.
It's been snowing on and off all day long. It really started to come down on my way home . It looks really pretty . All the trees are coated in snow. There is just enough snow for coverage but it hasn't really accumulated enough to cause a difficulty in driving or necessitate shoveling.
I am going to bed now. I have to work tomorrow.


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