Monday, February 04, 2008

Poopers- Parts 1 & 2

Part 1- Some of you may remember my mention of a person I refer to as "The Mad Pooper". The evedince that the Mad Pooper has made an appearance is usually left in the Mens' room. Usually, the Mad Pooper will poop directly on the floor , or just the the toilet seat and on more than one occassion , the Mad pooper has actually smeared poop on the walls and the door handle. This happens once or twice a year. So, it's not an every day occurance but after being at the visitiors center for a couple of years now, something I am familiar with. Last Thursday, our cleaning lady found poop on the bench inside the visitors center. Yes, inside in front of us. It wasn't very busy . We would have seen someone if they had dropped trough and pooped right there. It would have been "Right There" and it would have been in front of us. Ahhhhh, the "Mad Pooper" is indeed a crafty devil !
About an hour after the discovery, there were police cars and fire engines pulling up to the fast food restaurant across the street. After all the fire engines and police had left , our cleaning lady went to lunch across the street and when she came back, she told us that the Mad Pooper had been there and that he had smeared feces on the tables and counters and they couldn't get him to stop and they called the police. At least they know what he looks like ! We still don't know who he is.

Part 2- Yesterday , we opened the center . When the manager counted the drawer it was short and at 9:15 none of our co-workers had shown up yet. So, the day did not start too great for the weekend manager. Eventually , the staff stared to show up . It was a slow day for tourists. Mostly it's just people coming in to use the bath room . And by "People" I mean men. Around 9:45 , a guy comes out of the bath room and says that someone has shit in the urinal and that he thought someone should know. My manager thanks the elderly gentleman, the gentleman leaves and my manager goes into the bathroom and checks. Sure enough, someone has shit in the urinal. My manager goes beserk. "Who would do such a thing ? !!!! If I knew who did it , I'd rub the guys nose in it like a dog !" on and on and stuff like that there.He's mad and his sensibilities are offended. There's a guy sitting on the bench who pipes in saying stuff like " I grew up on a farm. Stuff like that doesn't bother me. I'm used to it . I used to clean grease traps and those things are disgusting ! I know how you feel buddy !". Then a guy comes out of the bath room , and he's the friend of the guy sitting on the bench. He comes over to the manager and says " I pooped in the urinal . The guy in the stall was taking too long. I couldn't wait . What was I supposed to do ? I really had to go. But I cleaned it up . I'm sorry , but I really had to go" and he holds up a plastic bag filled with his own feces. Like you would pick up a dogs poop from the sidewalk and tied it tightly. "I'm sorry" Then he turned and he and his friend sitting on the bench left the center.
My manager was still beside himself . He was outraged at this version of humanity. He was so appoplectic that the staff was getting a little scared and uncomfortable. As for the rest us ? We though he was a pretty stand-up guy for admitting he shit in the urinal and that he had cleaned up his mess.
That was how my day at work started yesterday . It was pretty slow the rest of the day . I went home and watched the Super Bowl - What a game ! I'm glad I was at home and didn't have to drive anywhere after the Pats lost. Still, it was pretty tough game.


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Dot, I want you to become a moviestar so you do not have to deal with anyone's poop anymore.

Monday, February 04, 2008 5:52:00 PM  

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