Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I'm still waiting for the last paychecks from my work on that movie. I called ny union office to find out what was going on . You know what it was ? They were closed for the holiday. That's why it's taking almost a month for me to get paid. Not a real good excuse for me , since when I don't work , I don't get paid. Apparently even when I do work I don't get paid. Ahhh . .. fudge.
The weather here is downright balmy. It's 50 degrees out ! IN january !
I 'm really not getting anywhere fast today. I have 2 jobs to get to and I still haven't made my lunch yet. Boy, I lead an exciting life.
I did get some reading done. I finished "I Killed" about comics on the road. It's really just a collection of war stories, mostly from the 80's (Back when I was touring). I really enjoyed it . Also, I finished Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up", I really enjoyed that . Though he doesn't really get into his personal life - but I did enjoy him talking about the early days and how his act evolved and how he felt about it. It's a short book , but it's a good read.
Okay, this is not great writing. I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things. Warm up my digits and get this Motha' going !


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