Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just A Working Girl

So let's see, where was I ? On Monday, I worked on the movie again. They were shooting in Worcester at the Worcester Art Museum. It's actually a museum I have been wanting to go to , but I digress. . .. .On Monday we were at the tail end of the first snow storm of the winter. It had started on Sunday night and driving was a bitch. It stopped and then it started again after midnight and kept on until morning. The call time was 9 am, my directions said it would take 55 minutes, I added an extra half hour to the commute. It took me almost 2 hours to get there. I was 15 minutes late. It's not good to show up late at a movie set. I know I'm just an extra, but I'm still a profesional.
I got there, got my voucher and got into costume. There was a table of food set up but it wasn't a breakfast . It had muffins and such but there was a canteen truck set up somewhere out of sight. I would have loved a breakfast sandwich, but it would have been strictly recreational. I ate breakfast before I left the house.
There were a lot of extras that I hadn't seen before. Well, it turned out they actually worked at the Museum . I thought it was pretty cool. They were from all different departments. There was a janitor and the lady that runs the cafe and another woman who works in the art school . There were also a lot of other museum employees standing in front of the larger art pieces, making sure no one accidentally brushed up against any of the anitquities. That would be a real disaster if someone broke one of the big Greek floor tiles ! I mean , it's over 2 thousand years old. If it was mine, I'd have someone standing guard over it , too !
We were brought to set after about a half hour. We were shooting in one of the main entrances, so it was a big open setting. I had a variety of actions. On"Action" I would walk behind the actors and then walk up a set of stairs. We did that about 6 times. Then , another take, on "Action" I would walk behind the actors, across the lobby and out of sight. We did that about 1o times. Another setup, I was on the second level, standing in front of a door. The Second AD told me they could only see me from the knees down. The action in that scene was Christopher Walken walking down a set of stairs. Then we broke for lunch. Some of the entrees were lasagna, sausage and lobster ravioli. I had ceasar salad and fruit salad. I also had the zucchini.
After lunch , they set me up on the other side of where the actors were having their scene. On action, I was to mime talking about the piece of art I was standing in front of to a "vistitor" who was one of the people that worked there. When Walken got to the bottom step, I needed to cue the lady and she would turn and walk off camera. Then I paced in front of the ancient mosaic and then another museum worker came and relieved me for break. We did that one about 10 times, too. The they took us back to holding and after about 45 minutes they wrapped the real museum workers and brought me and a couple of guys to set and left us sitting on a bench out of the line of shooting, for a long time. At the end of the day, they used me in a scene where I am moving a piece of art to be crated. We were upstairs in a gallery with very expensive art. So , we had to be careful. I was wrapped around 8:30. I got home a little before 10 PM. Boy , was I tired.
Yesterday, they called to check my availability for today. Unfortunately, I had promised my friend that I would cover for her at MIT. I couldn't get out of it. Essentially, today is the only day I couldn't do it. The rumor on set Monday was that they wouldn't use us until next week. Of course, they were only checking availability. That doesn't mean they actually shot any scenes with the featured extras. I'm still hoping I'll get a call for next week. Though I am bummed. I like working on a movie.


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