Friday, September 14, 2007

Stand-Up at the Studio

I did stand-up at the Comedy Studio on Wed. night. I also did the door, because it was packed !!!! There were a couple of new guys on the show and, God Bless 'em, they all tried to bring as many people as possible. While I was doing the door, we kept running out of ones and fives. Everybody was paying with twenties ! Emerson, the bartender, was getting annoyed with me, he was nice about it , but I know I was a nuisance. Also, he had to wait on the tables because there was no waitress.
Okay, because I was doing the door, I didn't completely get to see the aforementioned "new guys" , I could hear them , but I was really concentrating on doing the door. I got the show order off the wall , so here goes. . .
Shaun Bedgood is the Comic in Residence this month. He had some good new jokes, but the audience seemed a bit cool. Frankly, it's their loss. Then John Lincoln, they balked at a couple of the early jokes but he had them at the end. Then Me . . .. .I , also, had a hard time "Getting" them . However, I didn't give up . I kept going and I told them I would do so. My new Amy Winehouse joke didn't go over that well ( I think Amy Winehouse's next recording should be "isn't it Ironic") nope. . . they didn't like it. Maybe because I was making fun of someone who is in rehab even though her hit was making fun of people in rehab .. . . but I digress. The more recent stuff I have reworked is going really well, it's consistent. Basically, it was tough at the beginning and the end, but the middle was Damn Spanky ! I did have a set order and I did everything on it. I felt pretty good about it when I was done.
After me was Ed Kopesky. He's an MIT guy and he writes a really good joke, They seemed to like him (Of course I warmed them up for him !) (just kidding) Then it was Todd Gorrell then Fran Joyce, it was really busy at the door so I only got to see and hear a couple of their bits . I could hear the audience's reaction and they seemed to really like those two guys, probably because they brought half of the audience ! Regardless of the F & R audience , what I heard them do was good and original and not derivative. I look forward to actually seeing them perform sometime. Then , poor Pincus. Poor Pincus was new and his "comedy" was a little mean, without being terribly clever. He also has a very low-key delivery which could be confused for nerves . Then Jimmy Igoe, new guy, second time on stage. He has no jokes. I could see where he might be funny hanging around with him , but he really needs to organize himself . He may have been drunk (or high).
Then it was Peter Bowers, I thought he was wonderful ! He had a lot of new stuff that I hadn't seen before. He just gets better and better-both his material and his stage presence. What a treat ! I got to see most of his set, followed by Tony Moschetto who was terrific ! He reworked a couple of concepts I had seen him do before. In all honesty, I don't think I 've ever seen Tony not do a great job, even when he was screwing around up at Lew's Place, he was always professional and fresh. He's also entered in the San Fracnsico Comedy Festival, he's leaving for it next Tuesday. San Francisco is a prestigious and respected festival. Bon Chance Moschetto !
The closer was a Harvard kid who brought the other half of the audience. Literally, they were all on one side of the club and the latecomers were a little pocket closer to the door. The kid's name is Just Rerira and he had some good jokes , but he had to earn the audience , even though he brought 'em. He got them by the end, again , even though they were mostly his friends. When he walked in , I told him "These are your people". He thought I was joking.
SO , that was the show. It was a pretty good show. Especially because it was packed ! I was so glad I was doing the door ! This the first chance I've had to blog about it. I have to work a convention tomorrow and Sunday. I need to be there early, so I have to go to bed early tonight. Wow ! That's boring . . . . See ya.


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