Monday, September 10, 2007

More Car Woes

Yup. My car died in between jobs on Saturday. It was so hot and I was dripping wet and I needed to be someplace in a half hour looking really good and all I could manage was a reasonable facimile of wilted chard. I still do not have my car. My mother is going to let me borrow her car to get to the first job tomorrow.
Today , I took the bus to the job. It was okay until the last hour of the day when my boss became possessed and felt I was not doing the job I was hired to do. This is , in fact , true , as I didn't finish sending the billing out last month because she said she would do it . And so we find ourselves here at the next month's billing and she yelled at me for a solid hour about why I did it wrong and I never do what she asks me to do. In the end , everything was to be done as usual. The only thing different from every other billing period is that ,this month, she yelled at me for a solid hour . If I had thought I had done something wrong or if I thought I had made a mistake , I might have gotten uspet. I know I did every thing I was supposed to do. I was not going to engage the drama. There is no point and I don't know how long the rest of might life will be, I ain't going to get upset about something I couldn't mind read. I see the "Big" picture and it's not the same angle as hers.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Glad you didn't cave in. I'm also glad you haven't so far given into my basest urges, which would involve blogging out my "comic" feelings of workplace violence.

I'll light a candle for your car in rest.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 1:56:00 AM  

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