Saturday, June 09, 2007

90 Years Old

Today, there was a birthday party for my God Father.He is 90 years old. I gotta say, he looks good for his age. His nieces and nephews (I assume) threw the party together for him. It started at 4 . Since I work until 6, I went up after work. I got lost , of course. When I finally got there, my Mother said that she, too, got lost and was about an hour later arriving than she thought she would be. It must be genetic.
It was held at a small but elegant Knights of Columbus on the North Shore. My God Mother is my Mother's first cousin and my God Father is married to her. My Grand Mother was the oldest of 7 and my God Mothers mother was the youngest. We all called her Aunt Margaret , though she was actually our Grand Aunt. They would come to visit us on most holidays when we were young. As we got older, it got more difficult for them to come by , I don't know why. They never had any kids. They travelled , a lot . I assume they had a neat house because they didn't have any kids to mess up their stuff. We sure never got over there. We were a "handful" to put it mildly. It was best to visit us in our natural habitat lest a fire or a flood occur.
My God parents have been married for along time now. I think they've been married about 65 years. They still hold hands and they can stil dance pretty good.Amazing rythmn. They dance better than me ! They seem to still really enjoy each other. There was a DJ at the party and they played "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake and my God Father got up and danced pretty good. There were a lot of kids and teen agers there and their parents and Grand Parents. Essentially , everybody in the family was there. My brother couldn't be there because he had Guard duty and couldn't get released.
Since I didn't really know a lot of the people on that side of the family , my Mother and I just sat there and watched everybody dancing. My God Mother came by and sat with my Mother a lot because my Mother and her are all that's left of that family. Her own sister died a few years ago and Aunt Margaret has been gone about 30 years.
When I think that marriage is a crock of shit and that nobody has a real marriage , I gotta think about my God Parents. I know they went through good times and bad but they're still together and they're still having fun.
At least they put on a good show . ... . .


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