Monday, April 30, 2007

Lost in Marshfield

I had a set in Marshfield at Rafferty's last night. It's the room Chrissy Kelliher runs. I had been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks. The lack of car put a kink in the works. My Mother let me use her car and then , at the last minute, my brother let me use his brandy-new suv. I felt like a dink driving such a big car (yes, I remember the van) but it sure was an easy ride. Though it's so high up , it's like driving a car on high-heels.
I had what I thought were good directions from Google. Google had been doing such a good job lately , that I didn't even mapquest the directions to compare with Google. Probably not the best idea for me, after all. I got almost there, I was travelling at the approximate time the directions said I would be. However, when I got off the highway, the directions said to take a right approximately 230 feet from the exit. I did and found my way to Christmas Tree shop. I went the other way and saw some lovely real estate. I continued down the road and turned around in the driveway of a lovely abandoned house across from an equally lovely Veterans Memorial park with a little pond and bridges -charming. I went back up the road and did the same thing again.
I called the club and the woman who answered , Sue, told me to turn around and had just missed the correct turn when I turned around in the abandoned house driveway. SO, I turned around again. Before I could get to the abandoned house , shecalled me back and told me to turn around again and take the right at the first set of lights. Okay, I did that. I went by the high school and saw more lovely real estate. I got to see a guy trying to put out a leaf fire in his front yard with a garden hose. I went a fair way down that road and turned around again and ended up on the highway I had turned around on the the last time. I went up a ways and took the next right and got a different lovely view of the high school . I called the club back and I got some other guy who knew exactly where I was and got me to the club. Sue's first directions were correct. I got there 45 minutes late. I hate being that late. The good part was, I didn't cry.
The last time I went to this club, my friend was driving. So, I wasn't paying attention. I'll never forget how to get there again !
It's a small space, we perform in front of the dart boards. There 's 4 or 5 tables and there are stools and a small counter and then there is a pool table on the other side of the partition. It's nice wood panelling and , all in all, a very intimate setting. Ordinarily , it's tough to perform in such a small space. Especially since it's mostly the same other 10 comics that you've performed in front of at the last 5 shows you've done. We're respectful, and I can't believe we're still listening to each other. Instead of just listening for a laugh, since you already know all the material , you're listening for new material and/or a change of an old bit.
Since there were a couple of newbies on the show, there was an audience. I went on pretty soon after my arrival. I opened with something I thought of on the way down. It got a good reaction, but I don't think I' ll be able to do it much longer. I apologized for being late and got a couple of jokes into the explanation. I went into my tried and true, added the new joke, it got a good response. I shortened the set-up and it worked well. Then I kind of went on with my stuff and then all of a sudden I thought I had gone over my time. My tape recorder/timing device was acting weird, so I got off the stage.
It was a lot of travelling for 7 minutes of stage time but it was worth it to get the new joke to work. Maybe it's not the greatest, but it's new and that's good for me.


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