Monday, April 09, 2007

A New Monday Morning

Yesterday was Easter. I worked at the booth. Apparently I missed two fairly interesting events since last Thursday. On Friday, someone actually took a shit in the sink in the Mens room . My co-worker explained the discovery as "There was a worse smell than usual wafting from the Gents. The cleaning lady couldn't get in, so he went in to check and there he found the steaming turd clogging the drain." The cleaning lady took an hour to plunge the offending poop down the drain.The kicker-it ws teh cleaning lady's birthdya ! My question is -How do you shit in the sink and nobody notices you doing it ? Was it a really tall guy ? Was is scooped from somewhere else and placed there ? Will wonders never cease ?
Then on Saturday, the same co-worker had to deal with an irate Mother pushing a stroller requesting a Ranger because there were two men exposing themselves by the fountain. The Ranger had just gone on lunch so he promised to alert a Ranger when he saw him . A short time later another guy came in and said the same thing . Again, he had to await the Rangers return. Shortly thereafter, a guy came in a said there were two guys performing 69 on each other by the fountain. SO , my co-worker had to call dispatch and another Ranger was despatched to deal with the public sex. Saturday was cold here ! Why the hell do homeless people feel the need to have sex like that in public in the freezing cold ? There are kids in the park on Saturday ! Also , city police have been patrolling on a more regular basis. Did the homeless horney guys know the patrol schedule ? People are despicable. . . .I think if I was working I would have thrown a bucket of cold water on them . Just because !
The day was busy but not too frantic. When I got home , Mum had mad a big Easter dinner-Ham, carrots, broccoli and spinach. It was a wonderful meal .
Last week , I performed stand-up 4 times. Fortunately , Friday night at the Studio went really well. At least , I felt like it went well. I am finally starting to feel what a good set is. I am starting to tell the difference of how it feels when I am doing good.
Thursday , at Lew's , went okay. I just laughed a lot . Kris , the host , opened the show with a really dirty song and I laughed until I hurt. I was first , I went up after him and I think that contributed to my having a good time onstage.
Monday, I did the Green Dragon downtown , for the first time. I opened with stuff I've been working on (it's not there yet ! ) and then I went into my usual stuff and it went really well by comparison. It was mostly other comics in the audience and they were all paying attention , which was a really nice thing. The host had never seen me before and she was laughing. She also said some nice things to me afterward.
Sunday, I did the All Asia. I really like doing this show because I really like the host , Janet Cormier. She had a a good audience. They were all artist-type friends of hers -Poets, Potters, painters, sculpters. I did a little bit of the new joke I am working on , but mostly did teh tried and true stuff because this audience had never seen me before. It felt good.
All in all , last week was a good week for me in terms of my comedy. I tried something new each time I got on stage. I did a topical joke about a tractor -trailer accident on Thursday and Friday. Yeah, I won't be able to use it again, but it kept things fresh for me.
I still haven't completed my taxes yet. I have had several false starts in the last couple of days. I planned on working on them last night . After that dinner, I fell asleep. Essentially , I took a nap before I went to bed. I am running late for work today. That is all . I will write as soon as I get the chance.


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