Monday, April 16, 2007

Standard Self-Abuse

Okay . .. . so. . .. . I finished my taxes yesterday but I still had to copy and assemble them. I didn't work today because the weather here was so discouraging, my place of business didn't open today. SO, I was left to figure out , for the whole day, when I would go out to a copy place. I obsessed about having to do it and not doing it at the same time. I won't have time or accessibility to a copy machine tomorrow. I finally decided I would go out after Antiques Roadshow was over. And then . . . . And then . . .. I realized there was an operating scanner/ copier in the house. I spent the whole day obsessing over the damn thing when I could have relaxed.
Granted, I was in my pajamas all day. I didn't do any laundry or practical puttering. I barely read a magazine and mostly just watched tv all day. It wasn't even really good tv because there was a massacre at Virginia Tech and that's what was on tv all day. It's almost 11 o'clock and they still haven't released the name of the shooter. It seems like it's always an engineering student . Though, they're pretty sure it's a guy.
I do wish I had better focusing skills. I clearly don't have any perception of what the "Big Picture" is. Except that a day in pajamas is always better than having to wear a uniform. And that Ike & Mikes taste like Jelly Bellies. Yeah . . this is good writing.
Yeesh. .. .


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