Friday, March 30, 2007

Extra Work !

I got in around 2 AM. I worked as an extra on "The Untitled BlackJack Project" filming here in Boston. I played a wiatress at Doyle's. I was told to show up wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. They didn't tell me to bring an apron, I could have, but I wasn't told to, so, I didn't. That was a little snafu. I hadn't been to Doyle's in a while but it was still as beautiful as I remembered it. I was one of two "Waitresses" . The other woman actually is a waitress. Her name was Maureen , "Mo" for short and she was really nice.
There were about a hundred of us "Extras". Both Mo and I got alot of activity to do and we were on set most of the time. I like being near where all the action is happening. My first postition starts the shot. I suspect you won't see my face just my waist and hips and possibly my profile in the distance.
I don't have time ot get into more detailt. I have to go to work and I 'm really late already. I'll try to post when I get home tonight.


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