Monday, March 05, 2007

Slow & Unsteady Reads About the Race

Arrgghhhh ! . . . I am moving slowly. No, I am not in pain. I am supremely unmotivated. Yesterday , I was so uninclined to leave my bed I subsisisted on Twisty Cheetoes and Girl Scout cookies rather than leave my bed for the refridgerator. I was postponing the inevitable because I had to go out to do Stand-up. I was pretty woozey and a little off my game. One of the comics brought about 12 people with her and they were really great . SO, it made it worth leaving the house.
I still have not watched the tape of the beginning of the Oscars from last week.
I have a bunch of dinners to attend this week. It is restaurant week here in Bean-town and I am invited to celebrate ! Tonight is a free dinner, as is wed. evening. Tomorrow's lunch and Thursday's dinner will be self-pay. All-be-it not full-priced.
I dawdle. I must collect meself and head into the breach ! Anon !


Blogger Maria said...

I think it's the lunar eclipse that is made us so unmotivated. (it obviously wasn't OUR fault) I didn't do shit all weekend. It was great.

Monday, March 05, 2007 3:10:00 PM  

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