Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dead to the World and Other Thoughts

Yesterday was in the high teens and it felt downright balmy. Today, it should get up to the 40's. I'll barely need to wear pants !Yesterday, I did get stuck on a mound of ice and I got rescued by 4 men who happened to come along at the right time. I may not have a boyfriend, but the universe has been providing men when I most need them. Thank you , you strong , mechanically minded men. You can hold a door open for me , anytime !
Sunday was almost a complete wash-out for me. I worked a different job on Saturday. Though it wasn't particularly difficult , it was 9 hours long , under yellow flourescent lights and I had to be there at 8 AM. I was asleep Saturday night by 10 PM. I woke up around 7:30 on Sunday , did some laundry, watched my shows (CBS Sunday morning and Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC) and I was asleep again by 1PM. I awoke about 4 and was asleep again by 10. I don't know what this is about, but I'm getting nothing done.
I am slow on the draw today , too. My Mother has called High-Hosey on the bathroom. SO, I can't get ready to go out until she's gone.
I'm not complaining, but I am trying to keep this blog thing going. I would have written yesterday, but I couldn't get into my account.
I think we're going to see an Oscar nominated movie tonight. I'll post about it later.


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