Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Byfield and Smokin' Aces

Last Saturday I performed at a benefit for the victims of the Danvers explosion. It was held at the Byfield Town Hall . A quaint New England meeting house built in the late 188o's. There were quite a few people there for the weather and the admission price. It was a good crowd. I was really impressed with the caliber of talent. There were a lot of graphic designers who play music on the side and they were all really good !
My friend, Lenny Boudreau, put it together. I met Lenny when he had hired Mrs Potatohead for his company Xmas party a few years ago and we did it at Brian Longwell's Wingate theater up in Haverhill. I also worked with Lenny when we did a couple of Brian's sketches up at the Fierhouse Theater in Newburyport.
Lenny introduced the acts, so he was funny but he wasn't really doing a set. I was the only non-musical act. I couldn't get the microphone out of the stand. It was wrapped really tight. I had worked on my material and figured I had about 10-15. I got flustered by the mike stand and then I started yammering really fast. It went okay and I got some good laughs. I did not leave my body in the middle of the set, but I was talking really too fast and that cut my time in half . It was okay, but I think I could have done a little better if I had just slowed down ! Ah well . . . ..
Last night , Kiki and I went to see Smokin Aces a Paul Carnahan film. We really liked it. It's not the kind of film that will get any Oscar nods, it was just a lot of fun. A lot of characters and gun fights . Almost everybody ends up dead by the end of the film. Though , really it was great rollicking good fun.
On another note, I am having trouble getting into my website to change the text. I'm not lazy, it just won't let me in.
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