Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jason, My Hero

Well, today was really friggin' cold here in Boston-town. Not the best day to leave your headlights on in the parking garage, when you leave it there from 7:00 am to 6:45 PM. No-Sire-Ree, that's what is commonly considered a "Bad Idea". And . .. .Yet. . That is exactly what I did. Not on purpose,, however, it was quite inconvenient. I got in the car , turned the key in the ignition, and nothing . Just extended darkness. Nothing . Couldn't get it to turn over, click or fart. Nothing. I was sitting in an unattractive paperweight.
I open the trunk to pull out my jumper cables and that 's when I remember where my jumper cables are, it the room next to mine at home. In a box, next to the bed. You know what's in my trunk ? Christmas decorations. Lots, and lots of Christmas decorations. It's almost Valentine's day. I need to get my priorities straight, soon.
I lift the hood and peer into the engine area. I recognize what's there, but I'll be darned if I can tell by looking at it if it's working or fixable. I get back in the car. Who can I call ? I can call AAA, and I know they'll come, but they're backed up and I don't really want to wait 4 hours for a jump. I'll be dead from the cold, even if it is an enclosed parking facility. I would call my cousin , he would come , but I don't want him to get all the way over to where I am just to tell him my jumper cables are at home. I can't call my brother, because he won't be out of work for another couple of hours. My friend Korte would come. I bet his friend Barry would show up as well, if I called him , and he doesn't even own a car.
In my rear view mirror I see guy heading to the big SUV that I'm parked beside. I ask him if he has jumper cables, he says he doesn't think he does, he checks, no dice. Okay , thanks for trying, Buddy. I get back in the car. Everybody I can think of is either still working, or doesn't have a car.
Just then , I see a guy in a Cleveland Indians hat and a Cleveland Indians jacket heading my way. "Do you need a jump" "yes" I reply "but I don't have any jumper cables, do you ?" "yes , I do" . Let me warm up my car and I'll be right over" . He warms up his car and comes right over. He attaches the cables and my car starts right up . He introduced himself as Jason. He advised me to let it warm up for about 20 minutes and I should probably look into getting another battery real soon. When a battery goes dead in this kind of weather, it kind of sets a pattern for more dead battery opportunities. The battery ain't getting stronger .
I did as I was instructed, I got gas, picked my friend up and we went to the movies.All because of the kindness of a stranger.
My hero , Jason.


Blogger Kris Earle said...

I like that Jason. Please bring him to Lew's this Thursday.

Thursday, February 08, 2007 1:21:00 AM  

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