Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Love Cheese!

Kiki and I went to see "Ghost Rider" tonight . It stars Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes,Sam Eliot and Wes Bentley. It's based on the Marvel comic. It had demons, Hells Angels, motorcycles, horses,skeletons and Firey skeletons. Nicholas Cage has had some work done on his face, but he was perfect in this role. He plays the character with total seriousness, even while he's jumping Mack trucks on a motorcycle !I completely believed he was Satan's Bounty Hunter. Sam Eliot is awesome as the mysterious guy who lives at St. Michaels cemetery. With Sam, a lot of it is his voice .
I kept trying to figure out where the movie was filmed. Something wasn't right about the Cops. Like , sometimes, when a film is shot in Canada, you can tell there is something different about the Police Station ? Or how the Detectives act ? I noticed that in this movie. It's cuz they're Australian. They're Australian , playing American , apparently researched by watching American movies filmed in Canada. It wasn't an insurmountable point, but I noticed it.
Nichloas Cage wore some amazing leather motorcycle suits. The girl that was in American Beauty who played Kevin Spacey's manager at the fast food restaurant. She said "You're so busted" to Annette Bening at the Drive-thru. Remember her ? Well , she's in Ghost Rider . She has a great line where she's talking about the Ghost Rider having " firey skull, but it totally worked for him".
We liked it. It's a shame that Cage probably won't get an Oscar nod for this, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I recommend it.


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