Friday, February 16, 2007

The Right Tool

As a result of the weather, my car has been encased in ice since sometime , early, Wed. morning. It looks like a barley pop. If you were to try to lick it , you would have assumed it would taste like root beer. It looked like a car glued onto an art car hood. A mound of ice with car windows . Like my car had seemlessy been bonded with the environment by using icey snow. Today, I had to hack it out , so I could go to work.
I rooted around the cellar looking for something I could use to break up the snow.Essentially anything can be used to break up the ice. I once got a big old Dodge Ram Van unstuck using elbow grease and a soup spoon. It takes longer that way , but you do what you have to do. I found a pitchfork that had seen better days. The tines were twisted around in different directions. Not pretty but it was hefty enough to break up the snow. I went out to the car, layered and bundled head to toe, and started slamming the pitch fork into the snow to try and loosen things up. I was at it for a good half hour and not making much headway. The shovels I had to use was also ineffective, it being made of plastic and all. . . I was pretty sweaty and discouraged (also a regular condition for me) when my brother noticed what I was trying to do and went out to the garage. He returned with the most beautiful , modern, sturdy ice breaker I'd ever seen in my life. "I found it in the garage yesterday. I forgot I had it." he said. I was greatful and I got busy. That shiney ice breaker was just the thing. I chopped out a trench around my car. I tossed the ice chunks onto the lawn. The defroster was blasting away in the car and working on the frozen stuff on the windows, I chopped that stuff up with my scraper. I got the car out of the driveway on the first try.
It took my over an hour to get it done. I got to work pretty late, but I got there.


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