Monday, January 15, 2007

It's A New Year

Sorry It's taken so long to post. Through a combination of scheduling and another slow spell with the computer, I have just not had enough attention available to sit down and post something.
I worked the booth New Year's Eve and went out to dinner with my newly married friends and a married gay couple of their's . Yup, I was the only "Single". They invited me back to their house where yet another couple was joining them. I went home. I was so tired from working. I was asleep by Midnight and that's all right with me. It was a lot different than last year's New Year's eve. That's the past, on with the future !
I've performed stand-up a couple of times so far this month and I must say each time it got better. I had a good set list that I have been working from. I had two sets within a week of each other at the Comedy Studio. The second definitely went better than the first . I did the All Asia, new night and new time. I was really tired. I had taken a nap that day and didn't want to leave the house when I woke up , but I did. Kris Earle was there, he did great . I did pretty good. Only one new line, still a little bit clunky. When I get the wording down, it's going to fit nicely. Last Thursday, I went up to Lew's and I think that was the best of the lot. I got off to a sloppy start , but when I got going , it was great . No I didn't do my entire set list , but I wasn't fumbling and I had a lot of energy and I think the audience appreciated it. Out of the blue , Kris gave me my old introduction "She works all over the place. She used to work at the bank, now she works at the record store ". I was floored and I really appreciated it. There was a real laugher in the audience, turned out he was a comic, PJ Brown. However, we all loved his laugh. What a kid !
Domestically, I've been plodding along. I cleaned the bath room New Year's Day. I cleaned the toilet agian yesterday. I just recently got a handle on the laundry, but I'm still slogging through clutter. I took a class at the Boston Center for Adult Education last week "The Spirit of Getting Organized". The biggest thing I took away from the workshop was that we have a lot more stuff coming at us in the modern environment-between junk mail, spam and telemarketers-there's just a lot more that is trying to grab your attention and no wonder it makes it hard to concentrate to get organized. I 've made one trip to Goodwill so far this year and I have another bag ready to go. The trailer in Arlington won't be open until tomorrow.
I've seen some pretty crappy movies so far. The Holiday, The Good German and the Good Shepard. Though the images from the Good Shepard are still with me, so I may have to re-asses my opinion on that one. The Good German dealt with the same time frame, historically, but I don't like this trend toward the subtle reality of human beings. We're fallible and self centered and self seeking. Yeah , I get it. Maybe more so than others. I want to have a catharisis when I go to the movies. Maybe it's just too much of the same thing and I'm weary of it.
That pretty much brings me up to date. I did two loads of laundry yesterday and mostly just layed around the house. I didn't write a thing . Maybe this week , I'll get something done.


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