Monday, December 04, 2006

First Snow

It's the first snow today. I was awakened by my cat who was frantically trying to get the sash and window open so he could look out the window. I thought it was odd that he would be so crazy to see birds. Ah-Ha ! It was snowing. The birds were making quite a racket. They didn't seem too happy about the snow.
I wasn't really surprised. There had been paralyzing blizzards in the midwest and all the weathermen ( and weather ladies, I think I should use the more politcally correct gender neutral term "Meteorologist", but I won't) have been letting us know that that weather is blowing east toward us. Today, it arrived. It's supposed to be a dusting. However, I've been up for over an hour and it's snowing pretty hard and steady. It doesn't feel that cold, though.
I love the first snow. I think it is so pretty . Of course, check back with me in February after I 've twisted my back from shovelling and I'm suicidal from the cold and lack of sunlight. I won't be too giddy about the atmosphere. The sky is gray and it's got a bright back light from the sun shining elsewhere. It's the kind of thing a New Englander would recognize. It's dark, but it's not the night time. This shade makes it hard to get going in the morning. Sleeping in seems the msot practical response.
However, right now, it's pretty here in my little town and I am cozy and warm with a cup of tea and a restless cat.


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