Friday, December 15, 2006

Swinging in The Breeze

Ahhh. . .Here I am again. .. . I should be getting ready for work. Surfing the web. Procrastinating the shower. The wardrobe is decided upon already. An outfit that will get me through engineering, sitting in a Museum gallery , light shopping and then taking in a show with the bridal parties' out of town guests. I have been out every night this week. Last night was the latest return time. I feel , after deciding on the clothes, I have earned the right to dawdle. I haven't, but I feel entitled. I am tired and my eyeballs feel like they're made of Brillo pads.
Worked until 10:30 on Monday night. Long day but I did get some stuff accomplished. Though it's a never ending cycle. Nothing ever really gets done and finished. I can't ever just make a phone call and put the slip of paper in a file drawer and be done with it. I have to make a flolder and then follow up that the vendor got #1) the fax we sent them #2) got the check we sent them #3) enquire when the shipment will arrive #4) call back and tell them we got the order. This is not my system. As far as I'm concerned, after I've ordered and paid for the thing, it's done. But , it's not my store and I don't know who's talked to who and what they ordered or when it should be there.
Tuesday, I got called at the last minute to do a show with the childrens' theater company I work for sometimes. It was 6:30 am. Someone didn't show up for the pick-up, could I get dressed and to Wilmington by 8:00 am ? 2 shows-double dollar day. Yes. Yes , I can be there -on time. Then I worked at the engineering firm for a couple of hours and then I worked at the store again and then we went to the movies. We saw Blood Diamonds. I thought it was really good. I thought Leonardo DiCaprio did an amazing job. I also like Djimon Hunsou, he 's great in every thing he does, too.
Wed. was the booth and then the booth Christmas party. Our manager had made reservations at the Green Dragon and , when we got there, they had rented the whole place out to a private party . So, they walked us around the corner to Hennessy's and that was fine. It seemed like there was a lot more room. We got a bunch of apppetisers. Two people that used to work with us came by. Two people that we miss. Then we went to the Black Rose. I left after one . Still, I didn't get home until 9:30.
Last night , I did some shopping and went out with friends. We got Chinese food (really good chinese food !) and then they sent leftovers home with me. That's why I'm gaining weight-I'm taking all the leftovers. That has to stop !
I am fatigued and I just got up . I'll be glad when Christmas is over.


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