Saturday, December 30, 2006

More on the "F" word

"F" as in "FOCUS" !!! I did stand-up at the Studio tonight. It was a pretty good crowd and a potentially great line-up. Originally, Louis CK was going to do a set , but he had to cancel . Then Frank Santorelli was going to do the show, apparently something came up for him. Then the rumor that Steven Wright was possibly going to stop in, made the rounds. No , he didn't show. So . . .. Mike Dorval closed the show. He did a great job !
So, during my set, I think I set a positive tone, but I lost focus a couple of times in the middle. I would get the set-up and then forget the punch. At the end of my set, I forgot the whole joke that I was going to close with. Though I'm not particularly upset, I just can't explain to my self the loss of attention. I didn't really nail down the order of my set beforehand. Every time I tried to arrange it, the National anthem or a lyric from "Bad Company, til the day I die. .. ." kept running through my head. Those lyrics were so prominent , they prevented anything else from getting attention. I believe it is a by-product of fatigue. I am not emotionally drained, but the physical is kicking my brian case in the obdula oblongata !
I had even gone up to Lew's place in Tewksbury on Thursday to prepare for tonight. The results there, were similiar to tonight. Partial set thought out, coupled with the tiredness and combined with the incestuous audience. Kris cracked me up , but I didn't justify my time to myself.
I have got to figure out a way to improve for myself. I partially enjoyed what I did tonight, but I am capable more. It is that knowledge that annoys me and makes me want to do better. I just have to figure it out.


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