Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lew's Halloween Party

To say it was "Lew's" Halloween party really doesn't describe the event. It was Kris's show, which was originally scheduled to happen on Saturday, Oct 28 but got re-scheduled to tonight. And, of course, after all is said and done, the event happened on Friday night and Kris could have done last night after all. . . . . Kris doesn' t get any respect.
Kris had sent us all e-mails asking us to confirm and wear a costume. I no longer enjoy going to parties. After spending all day, maybe a couple of days, talking to strangers and trying to appear cheerful and interested, the last activity I want to be involved with , in my free time, is talking to strangers and appearing to be interested and cheerful . I am not. I have yet to meet anyone who surpasses my enjoyment at my own self . I shot back an e-mail confirming and offering to wear something that makes me look like I'm someone who cares. Then , on my way home from work today, I remembered my skeleton suit and VOILA! I had a costume ! I also had black eye make-up and purple lipgloss. Couldn't define it, I just said I was Karen Carpenter and left it at that. Ellen Moschetto,(costume contest winner-Oompa Loompa), suggested I introduce my self as Nicole Ritchie, I did , it worked. I did do some new stuff, more on the Information booth, forgot the new thing I wanted to try ( I brought my notebook onstage with me. I didn't look at it , but it was there). I started talking about a premise that I should have developed just a little more before I did it in front of an audience. They seemed interested but they deserved a payoff.
There were some really good new stuff. Ellen Moschetto and Matt Winninger had new stuff I hadn't seen and Doug Chagnon always has good material. However, I thought the set of the night went to Tony Moschetto. He did his whole set in character and it was really funny. His sister also did her whole set as an Oompa-Loompa comic.
Lew put out a tray of buffalo chicken strips and chicken wings. That was a nice gesture. My fork was sticky , before I used it.
I was really tired , after working all day again today , and wasn't really looking forward to going out tonight. I was glad I went. It was a nice time. The show started at 8:10 and we were done at 10 on the nose. I was home by 11 PM.
And that's what I did tonight .


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