Monday, November 06, 2006

Finding Something New

So, I am reasonably healthy again. Since last Tuesday, I haven't had a cup of coffee and have switched to black tea until further notice. I went to work on Friday and Saturday but stayed in both nights. Yesterday was my first Sunday off since April. I didn't get nearly as much as I expected to get done yesterday. One load of laundry and half a magazine. However, I did work on my set list because I was doing stand-up at the Comedy Studio !
Three friends from work came to the show. It was really nice, because just as I was thinking they weren't going to make it, they were already in the restaurant and we walked up the last flight to the club together. Rick was doing the door at that moment. He looked very jaunty in a sweater and jeans ensemble. He looked very good.
Erin Judge was hosting the show. She did a great job and I thought she looked really good. Comic in Residence this month is Micah Sherman and his Dad was in the audience. He caught a little guff from a table of 30 something women. He was just doing crowd work and then something turned and he finished his set from behind the curtain because the woman accused him of making too much eye contact. Unfortunately , from behind the curtain he wouldn't be able to see the blue light indicating his time was up. Also, apparently, Micah's dad has a very large penis. .. according to Micah.Very funny. That bullet slot is a tough one !
Then it was Maria Ciampa. She also works with Improv Boston. Every time I see a kid from Improv Boston , I feel like introducing myself as their Grand Ma. However, there is really no point in that for either of us. She did a good job. Then Mike Dorval came in and did a guest set. I know he doesn't fully appreciate how good he is . He brings it every time and his material is really good. I love watching him.
Then me. I felt pretty comfortable although I was really aware of the presence of my friends from work. The table of ladies left me be because I congratulated the pregnant one and then got on with my business. Having my set list really helped. I appreciated Erin laughing at the newish stuff. I could tell it was Erin because I'm pretty sure she was the only one. Then I got to the material about the booth and my friends work with me there. They laughed when the rest of the audience was laughing , because they've pretty much heard all the material and the genesis of the jokes. However, because they were there, I found a new tag whcih the rest of the audience also laughed at. Ta-Da ! I found something new ! However, I had only gotten through a 5 minute set ,so, the last 2 minutes were a little choppy. I pulled it together, but it could have been smoother if I had prepared just a little more material. I felt very good when I was done.
Because there was no program, I can't quite remember the entire set . So, please forgive me if I omit someone. Shane Mauss was there, he was doing new material . I really like how how writes. He was doing new material, it was still realy good. Maggie MacDonald was there. Again, I really like her writing. Ellen Moschetto did a great job, too. She is also a really good writer. Then Tommy Morello brought it all home. He has an audition in New York on Tuesday. I think he's going to get some attention.
That's it . I thought it was good show and I felt good about what I did. There was a big Patriot's game on downstairs , so one of my friends kept sneaking off to watch , as well as a bunch of other comics.
That is the blog of last night's show.


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I am glad you are feeling better, Dot.

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