Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yesterday's Blog

I felt vindicated when I read in the Metro today that Google is being investigated for the system being down yesterday. I came home from yesterday's activities and blogged and nothing registered. SO , I will try to recompose yesterday's entry. It was titled " Hollywoodland and Extra Work":
Tuesday my friend Kiki and I went to see Hollywoodland. It is a fictional account of the suicide of George Reeves , the actor who played Superman on the television show from the 50's. It stars Ben Affleck, Diane Lane, Adrian Brody and Bob Hoskins. We both really enjoyed the movie. It was a well done story. Well written, acted and photographed. I thought Ben Affleck did a great job in the part. They all did a great job. I liked it. I recommend it.
Yesterday, I did Extra work in the Disney film "The Game Plan" shooting here in Boston. It stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Our call time in the morning was 6:30 Am and they "Wrapped" me at 9:30 PM. The scene was an evening at the Ballet. The location was the Emerson Majestic, downtown. I brought my leather backpack and my leather garment bag. I brought a variety of choices that might possibly work if what I was wearing wasn't good enough. They went with what I was wearing-My lace stretch skirt , a honey brown silk long sleeved surplice front blouse and my brown Target high heels. I wore that all day. 15 hours. My inner thighs were chafed when I got home (not in a good way) don't know why.
The scene was an actual ballet starring kids from the Boston Ballet School and some beautiful young male ballet dancers from somewhere else. They were young , but they weren't kids. All the dancers were great but I thought the boy dancers were amazing. Powerful and graceful. The Rock is in the ballet as part of the story. I never got up close to him but he was completely professional and he had a good rapport with the kids onstage with him. He always seemed present and attuned. He had a stand-in and a stunt guy. The stunt guy was dressed just like him and really looked like him, from our distance . Every time the two were on stage we would have to look a couple of times to figure out who was who. I thought the female lead was a little un-professional. She would be tapping on her blackberry while they were rehearsing dances. I felt it was unprofessional. I can't wait until I get to the point I can have a personal communication device while I'm working . They wouldn't even let me take my pocketbook with me to the set ! Even from where I was sitting-stage right in the back of the auditorium- you could see how handsom the Rock is. His hands are huge.
The craft services was awful. I was walking behind one of the "Football Players"- as we walked by the table with just doughnuts and bagels on it. The Football player tapped his buddy's shoulder and said "Hey Look ! Fat Pills !" -round and white and no nutritional value. yup ! I'd call those fat pills. I went out to the Store 24 and bought a bag of trail mix. Union members are suppposed to get a meal every 6 hours. I got one meal at 6 hours and didn't get the second, which means I accrued "meal Penalties" and since we went so long , I think I got into double time. I'm exhausted but that paycheck is going to make up for it !
The weather here in Boston today was really beautiful. It never got too cold and the sun was shining. The sky was very blue. I was very tired but I could still appreciate the beauty of the day.
That is all.


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