Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friends,Flowers & The Black Dahlia

Last night Kiki and I went to see the "Black Dahlia" in Harvard Square. It features a physically beautiful cast -Hillary Swank, Scarlett Johansen, Aaron Eckart and the Dreamy, Dreamy, Josh Hartnett. The script was by James Ellroy. It was visually beautiful to look at . The story wasn't all that compelling. I would have liked to see more steamy scenes with Josh Hartnett.It felt like the person who directed the film wasn't truly familiar with Film Noir. As if, their knowledge came from viewing parodies of the genre. It wasn't a complete waste of our time, but I had hoped it would be better.
Tonight I went to dinner with an old friend at the Elephant & Castle in downtown Boston. There were four of us and my friend who gathered us brought us each a bouquet of flowers. I don't really care about whether I get flowers, having been abused at a flower shop for over 7 years, they have lost a lot of allure for me. However, the flowers are very nice looking and are now in the middle of the top of my bureau. Little tiny red roses, daisies, dainty little pink carnations and yellow mini mums in a tall cut glass vase. My 3 dining companions had burgers . I had chowder and a seafood casserole with green beans and mashed potatoes. The conversation drifted to topics political and left us all in despair.
Still, it was nice to spend time with old friends. That is all.


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