Sunday, September 24, 2006

Movie Tears

I worked all day today. The weather here in Boston was mostly warm and summery with threats of thunder and lightning. We at the booth frequently hope for rain, it slows things down. It seemed like it was going to pour at any minute. The skies were dark and yellowy and then all bright and sunshiney. My co-worker called her husband to check the weather channel and it said we could reasonably expect hail. We had some little sprinkles, but nothing substantial . Nothing like the weather forecasters promised.
After work, I went to the new Kelly's over near Wellington Circle and got my brother a gift certificate for his birthday and a scallop plate for my Mum. I came home, had dinner washed some towels and got into my jammies and watched tv. I flipped from The Green Mile to Forrest Gump and back and forth and back and forth. For some reason, both of these films made me weep. I wasn't really even able to pay full attention to both of them, I kept switching back and forth, yet I was weeping like a baby. Both movies star Tom Hanks. When it was a current film, I saw the Green Mile on my own up in Danvers. I wept then, too. I guess I'm just in a weepy mood.
That's it. That's all I got . . . .


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