Friday, September 15, 2006

Daughter of Sysiphus (yeah , check spelling)

Oh Dear Gawd in Heaven ! It's still the Boston Comedy Festival in town. I'm not competing. So, the shows have been really interesting to me. However, tonight I did a set to a packed crowd at the Comedy Studio. A packed crowd of young Harvard and Tufts kids who came to see their friends perform. So, at the end of the day, I suck. You can call me "Electrolux" from now on. I am old dead meat and there is no reason to rise to see another sunset. Sorry , I don't actually feel that way. I should have probably saved that for a really depressive blog. However, it seemed appropriate for this installment.
I went to dinner with I, Ken Reid and his lovely wife I, Rachel Reid. Zoe's diner. Greek food. Not the best Moussaka I've had. And I 've had Moussaka all over the world. We had a lovely dinner.
As I said , the Studio was packed. Rick did a good job warming them up, Ken did a great job. They really seemed to like him. A Hip smart young guy for a hip smart young audience. Then JJ Leslie went up and I think they were intimidated by him. He wasn't wearing tight jeans and pointy shoes. Neither was I. Oh, they were polite, like the young folks are when Nana is drunk and talking too much. I don't think I had any really age prohibitive material. I thought it was all pretty accessible and topical. In reality,Not so much. I'll have to see the tape. I thought the professional set of the night was Joe Cronin. He's got a great writing style and I think they really liked him. There was a girl from Weston, Serena Coppick. She had really good material, but , seriuosly, it was all "young People" material. She was down with her Weston Homies. She's moving to New York. I think she has a promising career in front of her. Of course, the Tufts and Harvard boys did great . As they no doubt will for the rest of their lives. The crowd loved them because the comics brought them . That's why those boys go last.
In the middle of everything , Jan Davidson showed up and wanted to know if I was going to the Great and Secret show and I thought well, I guess I could meet her over there. Uh, no , she needs a ride. So, I ended up over at the G&S show. After some insane (but beautiful) weirdness, it was great show. I bumped into Michelle Proud, one of the SAG Board members ( I voted for her) and we sat together. Some drunk homeless guy was in the alley behind the theater yelling. He was by himself. David Walsh went and brought him into the show and made him part of things. He wasn't just a drunk Homeless, he was , as my cousin in Canada referred to our mutual cousin Margie, "A Skitzy". He alternately crouched on his duffle bag of belongings and walked across the stage. No ryhme or reason. You could smell the cigarette smoke on him from across the room. Then the Walshes left the stage and sent "Happy the Sad Clown" on stage and left her there with the homeless guy. Anything could have happened. The fear of it, made it fascinating to watch. Then David gave the Homeless guy a tall boy of beer and escorted him back out into the alley. Then the Brothers Walsh did some great character stuff and there was some great stand-up comedy. James Patterson, was great. Erin Judge did a fantastic character of a drunk maid of honor. Ryan ( oh what is the guys name ? He won the Comedy festival last year) Oh , he was great. Jan Davidson did a set , all material I hadn't seen before and then Mike Dorval closed the show. He was great.
Everyone was great.
I suck.
I should enter the convent.
I 'd be the funniest Nun in the world.
It was a much later evening than I had anticipated. I was glad I was there for what I was there for. Now I go sleepy.


Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Sometimes I read your blog and I feel like I've been sent away to reform school and someone sent me the yearbook.

Did that make any sense?

Part of me wishes I were there. Part of me is thrilled that I'm not. And, I feel your surrounded by youngster audience pain, drunken Nana.

Friday, September 15, 2006 3:34:00 AM  
Blogger Dee-Rob said...

Oh, and it's Ryan Stout.

Friday, September 15, 2006 3:35:00 AM  

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