Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Barry's Pajama Bottoms

It's not particularly relevant, but I'm wearing the pajama bottoms from my Christmas gift from a guy named Barry. They are a good flannel and they have Snoopy wearing a red Santa hat on a green background. They are rolled up like I'm about to wade into the Atlantic ocean as soon as I finish setting up my beach chair. Meaning, It's almost 10 AM and I still haven't got myself out the door. At 10 AM I should be on my way to work somewhere to make money. Preferably not wearing pajama bottoms and a movie festival t-Shirt.
I have to take a shower, get dressed and vote before I go to the first of the two jobs I will be working today.
Firstly, I called the phone company (in this case Verizon) to see if I could get a couple of bucks knocked off my monthly bill. My monthly phone bill is outrageous. They turned me off a while back and now I barely use the damn thing. Yeah, I paid it off. I 've always paid it off. I removed the monthly long distance charge. They charge me $9.50 a month weather I call long distance or not. I am not coordinated enough to log in $9.49 worth of long distance calls a month. So, I took that off. Then they took another $3.25 as a connection fee if I would commit to having this Verizon account for another 2 years. I've had this phone line for just over 20 years now! DO you think someone would have noticed that ? Huh? Maybe take that into consideration ? Fuckers.
I hate the nickels and dimes of things. Of course , that's almost always what it boils down to. I didn't go out at night for almost 2 weeks. I felt like a really boring person , I didn't spend any money and then I had a dentist appointment and needed a new tire. I had the money. That was the first time in 4 years I was able to pay off the dentist at my appointment. I was the first time , in a long time , when I didn't have to borrow money to fix my car.
I still feel pretty grumpy but I have a faint sense of satisfaction that I may be saving a over $125.oo in the next year on my phone bill. Of course, they'll probably add some other charge and then I'll be back to sqaure one. Fuckers.
I hope I didn't bore anyone with this financially centered tirade. I'd talk about sex, but I don't really have much of a working knowledge on the subject. I'd talk about health , but I 'm in good condition and that is even more boring to me than someone who insists on talking about their weight .It's almost always some really skinny girl with great skin and a boyfriend. Fuckers.


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